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Food and Nutrition Security: A Review


Link: "Food and Nutrition Security Indicators: A Review". FOODSECURE working paper 5. The Hague: LEI Wageningen UR. February 2013

Author(s) Evita Pangaribowo; Nicolas Gerber; Maximo Torero


Link: http://www.foodsecure.eu/PublicationDetail.aspx?id=13

As the problems of food and nutrition insecurity are currently more complex, identifying and choosing relevant indicators is crucial. This paper identifies the need to go beyond the state-of-the-art because current FNS indicators do not account for the short-term economic shocks which have been identified as key factors for food and nutrition security. As the nature of food and nutrition security status is different between short- term and long-term causes, there is a need to differentiate between long-term and short-term indicators to design policy responses. This paper also assesses the existing indicators and their methodological and data related problems and then extends FNS indicators by taking into account dimensions that have been ignored or undervalued. In particular, this paper will emphasize the gender issues in FNS and the gender-related FNS status and risk indicators.